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Your boxer is very intelligent and you should start boxer dog training when he reaches the age of 13 to 16 weeks. He is very energetic and playful and will be your loyal pet. Once he develops a liking for you, his friendship will continue till the end. The uniqueness of your Boxer is his need for a lot of attention and training. His intelligence will be useful in your training but at the same time, he will use it for getting what he wants.

Your Boxer dog can be trained to make him a good guard dog. Though the Boxer dog appears to be aggressive, he is more playful than other dogs. If Boxer dog training is given properly, he may be controlled from being aggressive and doing harm to others.

Because of his intelligence, your Boxer may not comply with you when you ask him to do a certain thing. The best advice under these circumstances is to keep patience. Boxer dog training must start when he reaches the age of 6 weeks and your training should consist of socializing, playing, teaching and obedience training. But the training process must be carried out with excitement so that he will have a tendency to listen.

Though your Boxer is a friendly dog, he must be trained by socializing to become so. If he is socialized well, he will get used to meeting new people and other dogs. Boxer training classes where more dogs are present will also be useful.

Serious Boxer training can start when he reaches 13 to 16 weeks of age. You have to get rid of his dominant attitude if he has that. You should put your foot down to nip this habit in the bud and make him listen to you and obey you. He must understand that bad behavior will never be allowed.

Source by Brett M Windmann