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What is Small Dog Training?

Small dog training involves training that is targeted specifically for smaller dogs. While each breed of dog has its own unique characteristics, dog breeds of a similar size also tends to share some common behavioral habits that may make it more challenging for you to train. You will find that I’ve included some specialized tips below for training that involves small dogs.

What breeds are considered to be Small Dogs?

Dog Breeds that are considered to be smaller in size also known as Toy Dog Breeds, include most of the extremely small and miniature dog breeds that usually weighs less than 15 lbs. This includes the Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, Cavalier Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Papillon, Pug and more.

Benefits of owing a Smaller Dog

• Makes a great companion for people living in cities and apartments due to their size

• Generally happy and energetic

• Makes for an excellent watchdog due to their suspicious nature and general distrust of strangers

• Generally requires less exercise than larger dogs

• Easier to travel around with

• Easier to care for

Challenges with owning a Smaller Dog

• May be more difficult to housebreak

• May not make a great companion for toddlers and small children as they may be too rough for the small dog when playing

• Stubborn Personality – many small dog breeds also have a very head-strong personality and as such, will require more patience balanced with the right amount of ‘firmness’ when training

• Short attention span – means that you will need to break up the training sessions into short intervals

Dog Training Tips for smaller dogs:

1. Be Patient, but firm

• it is even more important to be patient but firm when training a smaller dog as they tend to like to have a mischievous personality and like to clown around with their owner.

2. Make sure your dog is as calm and relaxed as possible

• often times, small dogs like to compensate for their smaller size by being overly aggressive. For example, I’m sure you have all seen a small poodle going crazy and barking her head off at a very confused St Bernard! Ensuring yours is nice and relaxed will then make it easier for you to have him/her obey your command.

Source by Howard Lau