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Do you want to put a stop to your dog behavior problems? One top training package, Secrets To Dog Training effectively helps puppy and dog owners teach their dogs good behavior and obedience.

Do you have a generally disobedient dog? Or do you have a puppy that bite, bark, whine, pace and destroy things? Either way, the answer to solving your dog’s current behavioral issues lies in giving your dog effective behavior training.

Behavioral science has shown that with good dog training, it will help you and your dog build a better relationship and establish a tighter bond together but more importantly, it will also help your dog suppress any aggressive behavior, become more obedient, confident and less fearful of the surrounding environments.

And when it comes to giving good training to your dog, there are two options that you can choose from. The first option is to either attend a puppy training class or engage in the service of a professional dog trainer which can cost quite a bit. Alternatively, the cheaper second option is to train your dog personally though your inexperience may cause you to do the wrong thing. Yet, problems like these can definitely be minimized by reading and learning from good dog training books.

One such effective dog training guides that has helped over 216,245 dog owners worldwide overcome their puppies and dog behavior problems is Secrets To Dog Training by Daniel Stevens.

Formerly known as Sit Stay Fetch, Secrets To Dog Training is an excellent visual and audio learning tool (with a total of nine chapters and over 261 pages of detailed instruction and multiple real life case studies) to take you step-by-step on how to quickly identify and solve dog behavior problems, such as:

  • How to select, buy, raise and care for a puppy or older dog, covering subjects such as diet and nutrition, house training, how to puppy-proof your home, choosing a vet, grooming and general health.
  • Fixing common dog behavior problems including biting, nipping, aggression, digging, disobedience, fighting with other dogs, excessive barking, separation anxiety and many more.
  • How to train your dog virtually any command and tricks including Come, Sit, Stay, Hold, Leave, Seek, Beg, Catch, Crawl, and even climb ladders!

Additionally, the guide Secrets To Dog Training also comes with extra bonuses including separate books on “A Quick Guide To Dog Aggression”, “Tips on Security Training Your Dog”, and “Dog Grooming Made Easy”, “All the House Training Methods and Tricks”, and “Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog” which covers more specific training subjects.

So if you are a dog owner who has a new puppy or owns a older dog that has some kind of behavior problems, then you should at least check out Daniel’s Secrets To Dog Training guide. The information within is comprehensive and yet so simple to comprehend that you would certainly benefit and experience tremendous improvement in your dog behavior after reading and following the advice in it.

Source by Lee Tuan James