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To train any breed of dog, it is important that you build the basics in which your training is rooted and develop a good relationship and partnership with your dog. You both have to work hand in hand to accomplish your training goals. This basic foundation will certainly ensure success in your training program.

Consistency is very important. Your signals and commands should be consistent. Bad behavior of your dog should be corrected every time. Lack of consistency will lead to your dog’s confusion.

Have flexibility with time as you can’t really tell if the methods you use will work fast with your dog. It might take time. Be flexible with time in training your dog so as not to frustrate you and your dog.

Fairness. Reprimand your dog if it exhibits a bad behavior but never strike your dog. Just say “NO” to him in a firm voice but never hit him. This will ruin his trust and respect for you. This can affect how he responds with the training.

Know your dog. Knowing your dog will let you recognize the dog’s signals of fear, sickness and fatigue. Being able to recognize this can prevent you from frustrating training sessions

Praise and Reward. Immediate praise or correction is important for your dog to recognize the connection between his actions and consequences. So as the trainer you should be alert to recognize all actions of your dog and respond fast.

Make a record of your dog’s progress. Always record your dogs progress everyday so that you can keep track on the things that works well and what did not.

Use tools to aid in dog training. Items like leashes, collars and treats are some of the best aids you can use for training your dog.

When you taking all this in to account, you will surely have a successfully trained dog. Just remember to take it slow and always start with the basics. When your dog has mastered the beginner stage then it is safe to move on to a more advanced stage. Also, at first you should train your dog in a place with minimal distractions. Later on you can change location where there are many distractions present to improve your dog skills.

Have some fun with the training and you will be surprise at how fast your dog progresses with its training. Dogs certainly respond much better in a fun environment.

Source by Victor Joseph