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How do you train an Old English Mastiff? A massive, powerful, muscular dog, the Old English Mastiff is considered a "gentle giant." They're the largest of all the dog breeds. In fact, their weight ranges anywhere from 120 pounds to a hefty 230 pounds.

FYI – Mastiffs also slobber a lot, especially after they eat or drink. If you've decided to adopt this dog, you're going to need some Old English Mastiff training tips.

Socialize Him

First, Old English Mastiff training requires major socialization as part of the curriculum. This particular breed desperately needs to feel like he's part of the family. He needs lots of human companionship.

So, if you're planning to just leave him outside in a fenced-in backyard, or left alone, chained to a doghouse, this dog is not for you.

By the way, you shouldn't leave any dog ​​chained to a doghouse or left in the backyard alone!

Why Your Dog Needs Training

Imagine the doorbell rings. Your friend walks through the door. And this 230 pound bulk of steel bounds towards her. Pounces on her. And leaves her flat on the floor – the wind knocked right out of her?

Scary. Right?

Despite its size, the Mastiff is a very sensitive, gentle dog. And Old English Mastiff Training shouldn't be too difficult in the sense that all you really need is a stern voice. (Well, really, you need to be the Alpha, but that's for another article.)

Now, since this is a huge canine, you may have more difficulty training your Mastiff than the average dog owner whose dog only weighs 12 pounds.

Even the Sweetest Dogs Need Training

All dogs have or develop behavior problems. Why? Because they have to be trained in the ways of humans. Heck, show me one dog that inherently knows not to chew on its owner's brand new $ 200 pair of Nike's!

Your four-legged friend does not know he shouldn't pull on the leash and drag you down the street with him. He doesn't know that it's not okay to jump on people and ruin their Sunday's best.

So you have to teach your dog not to do these things.

Old English Mastiff Training Commands to Teach

That brings me to my second Old English Mastiff training tip. Train your Canine with some basic obedience commands. At a very minimum, your dog must know "Sit", "Stay" and "Come." Well, actually, you'll also need to teach him how to walk on a leash.


Let me ask you this. Do you really want to be pulled down the street, legs streaming behind you, when your 185 lb. Mastiff wants to chase that squirrel?

I did not think so.

No Negative Reinforcement

My third tip for training an Old English Mastiff is to use positive reinforcement. This dog responds best to positive reinforcement. So, don't go yanking his collar trying to give him a "correction." Or, he may just give you a correction.

Remember, your pet is not misbehaving on purpose. Besides, Studies show that behavioral problems occur when a Mastiff is not a member of the family, but is relegated to the backyard with only occasional human contact.

Get a Really Good Dog Training Guide

My last Old English Mastiff training tip is to invest in a good dog training guide. How do you find a good dog training guide? Just type in "best dog training guides" in the search engine and then start reading reviews.

Source by Shalisha Alston