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Who says that you can’t train dogs while they are still puppies? It’s always better to start certain habits at an earlier stage, and to make these positive habits possible, you need to start training your puppies so that they can grow up as good dogs. If you don’t get to train your puppies, you might end up dealing with dogs wreaking havoc in your house. A great way to train them is by following the methodology of clicker training puppy.

How do you train your puppies to develop such habits using clicker training? As a brief background, clicker training employs psychological principles in such a way that you make a clicking sound through a device that gives out a signal to the animal that it has done something good and that something nice will be given to it. This kind of training will really work well for a puppy because it will already be oriented with good things at an early age, so you can expect that your puppy will grow up as an amiable dog because of this kind of orientation. To start good habits at an early age, make the training seamless in such a way that you have to make it look like something that takes place natural. Start with the habits that you need to tame your puppy like potty training and barking. When it comes to potty training, give the puppy a clicking signal if it’s peeing on the right spot, then give a treat right away. If its barking loudly and if you tell it to shut up and if it becomes silent, click near the puppy instantly and give the treat. That way, you are already giving a signal to the puppy that it is doing the right thing. Once all those habits have been formed, you can already proceed with more difficult tricks for the puppy like asking the puppy to sit or to roll. You can try these out by using the clicker method.

Since you’re dealing with puppies, clicker training puppy may take habits to develop longer, so you just have to be patient and you need to be consistent in doing this training so that you will have a good dog someday.

Source by Paul Colin Bright